Site Setup and Customization

Our experts set up Wix quickly for your sheer convenience. You can also avail our customization services. With our sense of precision, we choose the perfect layouts, design, and colors, and pick top fonts based on your preference while also adhering to your requirements. Our team picks your themes suited for you.

Theme Development

At Arivani Technologies, we develop unique themes through customization. We work on the optimization of themes and provide great theme capabilities such as cross-browser compatibility. Wix websites have flexible layouts that can be altered for your requirements. From pre-designed templates to customizable website templates, we can handle it all.

API Integration

Our experts in Arivani Technologies develop WIX API applications.  With the inclusion of apps, better capabilities such as automation on the website, customization can be managed. Streamlining API integrations with Wix helps us reduce costs.

Mobile Optimization

We know how to build websites accessible through smart devices. We choose interfaces compatible with mobile devices with our mobile optimization strategies. We are continually improving the user experience, and working on page loading speed.

Consultation Services

We offer an array of consultancy services such as consultation for business development, web design, digital marketing, and brand promotion.  With expert consultation, we strategize innovative solutions for your business progression. From basic functionalities to advanced features, we do it all.

Support and Maintenance

We continue to support our clients after the delivery of the project. We provide continual 24/7 maintenance and support services for the websites. We want to ensure the full-fledged functioning and high performance of your websites. Our support services have provided us with good customer satisfaction so far.