Custom Application Development

Arivani Technologies  make sure to fulfill all the promises and beyond, done with their clients. We identify the requirements of our clients and design a customized plan accordingly for them. It’s our goal to serve our clients the best and help them to grow and glow. is among the top-notch Angular JS development companies in Singapore with the legacy of developing robust custom web applications. Our developers have exhaustive experience in AngularJS to build out of the box application within the stipulated time frame.

Our AngularJS development team develops dynamic web and mobile applications like an e-commerce store or social networking application across various industry domains.

Single Page Application

A Single Page Application eliminates the need to refresh the entire page as only loading a certain portion of the page will do the job.

We use our expertise in AngularJS to develop single-page applications by using ngRoute to route the application to different pages and no need for reloading the entire application. A single page application avoids the need for fetching and loading separate pages to reduce time as the user need not access several pages. Since all the code for the application is loaded dynamically based on necessity and the number of requests made at the backend is reduced. This results in fluid user experience.

Maintenance and Support

After the development and delivery of a successful website we also excel at proper support and maintenance of the web application. This includes updating existing websites, constant technical support, and incorporation of the latest trends for improving the user experience.

Our support and maintenance service provides timely support and value-driven maintenance services irrespective of the complexity of the issue to help the client achieve business goals.

Application Testing

AngularJS is enabled with an end-to-end and unit testing environment which allows testing the application from the user perspective. We are skilled in Protractor Automation Tool to test AngularJS Applications which is best for scenario testing.

Using the unit testing API and scenario runner we run test cases in very much close to the real situation of the application.

Updation & Upgrade Services

We have largely excelled in delivering up-gradation and update services upon the Angular JS.

Our front-end experts are industry jewels who have extensively taken up the migrations pursuits as well in this regard so as to emerge as the most celebrated firm in availing all-inclusive services.

Expert Angular JS Developers

Our AngularJS development team expertise in the development of scalable applications with multiple features to solve the complex business requirement. Our team of Angular.js developers makes use of cutting-edge tools and latest technologies including the Internet of Things for the development of best in class AngularJS development services.

Angular JS developers who have expertise in developing robust and dynamic applications by making the best use of features like MVC, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Data Binding, Dependency Injections, Scope, and Cross-platform app development.