Website Development

We provide custom web solutions using the CodeIgniter framework.

Our Codeigniter development services will expand your business with illustrative PHP based web-applications. Highly skilled CodeIgniter developers who can develop web backend for web applications.

Content Management Solution

Fully featured Content Management System to manage content in an organized manner. CodeIgniter developers put their best efforts to ensure high-scale flexibility that will enable the development of a design that can be easily used for content management.

Leveraging the CodeIgniter framework for the development of advanced-level CMS systems capable of running several web applications with one back-end code engine.

Integration with Third Party APIā€™ s

We offer services for third-party API integration with the CodeIgniter existing solutions. We adopt a flexible yet full-proof integration of the third-party APIs.

Maintenance and Support

Good level of maintenance and support services to ensure the Codeigniter application runs smoothly. Our full-fledged team of maintenance and support will be helpful to resolve challenges as soon as possible. It is useful in making a website bug-free, loads fast, and keeps running on the latest version.

We are also experts in handling complex extension configurations in Codeigniter. Our support is available round the clock to ensure we provide the most reliable CodeIgniter application.

E-commerce Solution

Custom e-commerce solutions that are built using the powerful features of CodeIgniter to develop business-oriented e-commerce websites. Developers with experience in understanding business requirements to develop the perfect e-commerce web application. Usability is enhanced using features like hassle-free product management, a secure, simple checkout process, and a user-friendly design for a truly unique shopping experience.

Expert CodeIgniter Developers

Developers skilled in securing the website database from SQL attacks and storing only valid data. Ability to make SEO-friendly web application that ranks well on the search engine.

Our developers' expertise in MVC architecture helps them to update the application business logic and view logic separately without any contradiction. We leverage the inbuilt feature for smooth process management and multi-tier session management.