Website Development

HTML5 has provided us with the opportunity to work with global internet standards and we adhere to these standards during development to ensure websites will appear fantastic in all the modern browsers. Our developer's advanced-level proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with our passion for rendering smooth user experiences helps us develop a world-class website from scratch with a high degree of responsiveness and customization.

Our developers are skilled in customizing web design using Bootstrap. It is useful in creating user-friendly websites in less time. Our solutions will provide full cross-browser support.

User Interface Development

At Arivani Technologies,  make sure to fulfill all the promises and beyond, done with their clients. We identify the requirements of our clients and design a customized plan accordingly for them. It’s our goal to serve our clients the best and help them to grow and glow., we are efficient in creating a powerful frontend in addition to a robust backend. We leverage the capabilities of a custom frontend which makes it easy for users to comprehend as well as aid in outranking the competitors.

Support & Maintenance

After the development and delivery of a successful website we also excel at proper support and maintenance of the web application. This includes updating existing websites, constant technical support, and incorporation of the latest trends for improving the user experience.

Our support and maintenance service provides timely support and value-driven maintenance services irrespective of the complexity of the issue to help the client achieve business goals.

Responsive Development
The high-level proficiency of our developers in HTML makes it easy for us to be experts in HTML5 mobile framework as well as meet the challenges of developing mobile apps. Developers use PhoneGap to access native APIs, ensure efficient DOM(Data Object Model) management, a native feel UI using framework expertise, and creation of App Store-ready builds. Responsiveness of the app is important for a great user experience and we use CSS3 media queries to ensure responsive mobile app design for the same code base. We will implement CSS3 animations instead of jQuery as these are handled natively in the browser as well as make the best use of hardware configurations that boost the performance of HTML5-based mobile apps.
Expert HTML5 Developers

HTML5 developers providing cross-platform HTML5 business solutions. We stick to an agile process to develop highly functional and efficient web apps. Developers will integrate HTML5 and CSS3 to enhance the visual appearance of the website. Eye-catching CSS3 website templates to engage a large set of the target audience. Our developers also have expertise in HTML5 frameworks like PhoneGap, Sprout Core, and Sencha.

Our proficiency in the content editable attribute is useful in allowing users to customize how pages crop on every visit. Our developers are capable of transforming your iPhone and iPad app into HTML5 without compromising the core functionality of the app