Arivani Technologies offers consulting services to businesses to help their clients in driving the excellence and value in apps developed by Microsoft technologies. Our team of experts helps our clients to improve their customer experience and reduce business costs by tracking the recording of the work of all the businesses. We focus on serving the latest technology so our clients can meet the developing advancements of our workplace.

Microsoft Technologies


  • Development – Arivani Technologies have experienced team of experts designing enterprise-level web applications using ASP.NET and other Microsoft Technologies. Our team follows all the stages of ASP .NET Development Cycle, firstly the analysis then the designing part, implementation, testing and integration of systems. This helps us to develop a robust and scalable Development services for optimum performance to meet our client’s needs and requirements. Our team is expert in MVVM architecture for developing applications using technologies like AngularJS, Vue.JS, BackboneJS & React for enterprise-grade applications.  
    It helps to develop Shopping Cart, Product, Mobile-Friendly Web Apps and Custom Relationship Management Systems. 
  • .NET MVC Development – Arivani Technologies offers .NET MVC aps and software products for web and mobile, resulting in much required flexibility. Arivani Technologies serves in all the aspects, it can be healthcare or education. Everything is designed to get great benefit by fulfilling the needs of the users.
    Our team develops customized business applications to meet our customers expectations in a better way. We provide Web Solutions, Enterprise Business Applications, Games and Social Commerce applications using .NET framework. 
  • C# Development– Arivani Technologies offers consulting, technology and professional C# Development solutions to our clients to transform their business by developing innovative web apps. We customize every service for our clients to face the latest technical advancements, resulting in gaining more advantages.

    We offer website development, gamification, enterprise app integration and enterprise portals using C#.

  • .NET Core Development– Arivani Technologies have highly skilled team to develop a web application and mobile back-ends using .NET Core Development. We also provide services of full-cycle .NET development to perform high-performance and develop process-oriented apps and software products using tools on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • MVVM Framework– Arivani Technologies uses latest technologies to built applications using AngularJS, Vue JS, Knockout.js, BackboneJS, etc. Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern helps in structuring the code systematically by maintainable and extensible applications.
  • Share point Solutions -enables businesses to built a large-scale complex projects with reusable components and provides a unique user interface without refactoring other logic in code-base. This pattern helps in maintaining the compatibility of the applications on various devices.
    Features: Independency, testing, scalability and support. 
  • WPF App Development– Arivani Technologies offers strategic advantage implementing robust technologies. Our team prefers to work on Windows Azure, Office 365, Sitecore and offering SharePoint Solutions to satisfy our client’s business needs.  This technology helps our clients to adapt the latest business advancement through Custom SharePoint Development and Software Solutions. 
  • WPF App Development – Windows Presentation Foundation is the main focus of Arivani Technologies to create attractive Windows apps for large businesses using Graphical Under Interface. These apps are browser-hosted on vector-based representation engine supported by graphics hardware. Our team adapt features of WPF desktop app development of features 2D & 3D graphics, templates, XAML, Control documents, layout, typography media, etc. 
    Provided solutions for our clients: report management, billing management, event management and point of sale (Software solution to simplify daily business operations).