Arivani Technologies is a premier software development company, it has a global presence around the world. We are highly committed to our clients and serve them beyond their expectations. We develop extremely high-level Mobile and Web Applications that constantly fulfill corporate needs and serve a wide range of development projects.

Arivani Technologies aims to provide all the services that follow the mobile app development cycle, resulting in a proficient application. We have a specialized team of developers to cater to each IT field.

Mobile Application Development

Arivani Technologies offer every solution related to App Development Life Cycle by consulting with our clients for creating product strategy and UI/UX Design. Our professionals customize iOS Mobile Applications for every iOS Smart Device by understanding the diverse advancement and requirements of the industry. Our team designs Automated Applications, Track Solutions, and develop Time Tracking Applications and Asset Tracking Applications.


Arivani Technologies  have expert team of Android App Developers to sort every complex issue faced by any business. Our team offers a customized Android App by assisting them and being in touch with the client during the whole app development life cycle. Our motive is to transform our client’s business idea into a Mobile App to help them grow their business.

React Native

Arivani Technologies have highly skilled team to work on React Native.There are several reasons that are team of experts use React Native for mobile app development:

  1. Code Reusability- It saves time and reduces complexity while developing a mobile app, hence results in decreased size of application.
  2. Hot and Live Reloading- Helps in adapting changes quickly, real-time implementation is its core feature.
  3. Truly Native Feel- It’s truly native feel allows our developers to draw interfaces faster as it creates an authentic and native feel.
  4. Third-Party Plugin Support-React Native have two types of third-party plugins: JavaScript- based and native modules to fulfill all the business needs.
  5. Community Support and Industry Popularity-It has the biggest community across all the platforms, this results in strong community support for our developers.

Arivani Technologies  offers services for developing the best Windows App, customized according to our client’s requirements by doing the market analysis. We provide secure, result-oriented Windows App Development Services to our clients. We design apps in such a way that they get compatible for all devices, we design customized Windows, Applications according to the need of our clients. We offer Customer Service Operations, App Configurations for its security, Augmented Reality and VPN Windows Software for making it compatible on every windows platform.


Arivani Technologies firstly understand the client’s requirement, work on UI/UX design, and then tests for product maintenance for supporting and creating quality applications. Arivani Technologies develops apps for platforms like Phone Gap, HTML5, and Xamarin. Our team of experts works on the Hybrid App Development process to develop a wide range of smart devices and operating systems like, iOS and Android. We design services for developing Multimedia Applications, Location-based Mobile Applications, E-commerce Solutions, and Utility Applications.

Progressive Web App

Arivani Technologies offers services for developing web applications with fast-loading web pages. Our team ensures the performance, maximization of engagement, and speed of the App. We focus on designing secure loading web pages for better performance and integrating features of offline browsing, data analysis, and smooth distribution of channels into web applications. By designing a customized Progressive Web App we improve the Accessibility, Engagement, Conversion Rate, and Network Issue in a much better way.


Arivani Technologies have a team of experts in providing Swift App Development services. They design a unique strategy to achieve the targeted business goals by reducing the complexity. We ensure the robustness and security of the Apps developed by us and keep them up to date to match the industrial requirements perfectly. We offer automation, and Tracking App services, work on advanced technology, and implement WebRTC for a better experience.


Kotlin is a highly required language for developing a mobile application. Arivani Technologies have a team with working experience in Android studio, through which the applications are developed resulting in glitch-free security and performance. Kotlin is open source programming language completely based on Java Virtual Machine which requires Kotlin Android Studio plugin. Our team focus on providing a seamless client experience across the Android/iOS platform for changing business challenges. Kotlin is a highly expensive language that can incorporate existing Android/iOS languages, is multithreading, flexible and matches all the parameters of the web framework.