Web Development

React JS allows pages to be easily split into smaller components which our developers can use in different parts of the website. Breaking down an application into individual modules will be good from the development perspective.

Our developers focus on designing better architecture that will be highly tolerant to accept the changes in business requirements as well as allow our developers to collaborate. This results in less development time. Unlike Angular JS, React JS implements one-way binding hence the flow of data can be redirected only in a single direction which makes it clear when and where data was changed.

Native App Development using ReactJS

Our developers use the React-Native framework to develop native apps. React has a highly functional approach to constructing a user interface in which the application UI is expressed in the form of a function of the current application state. The application built using React Native can access features like user location, and phone camera for a smooth user experience.

React Updation & Upgrade Services

We have largely excelled in delivering up-gradation and update services upon the React.

Our front-end experts are industry jewels who have extensively taken up the migrations pursuits as well in this regard to emerging as the most celebrated firm in availing all-inclusive services.

React Maintenance and Support

After the development and delivery of a successful website we also excel at proper support and maintenance of the web application. This includes updating existing websites, constant technical support, and incorporation of the latest trends for improving the user experience.

Our support and maintenance service provides timely support and value-driven maintenance services irrespective of the complexity of the issue to help the client achieve business goals.

Application Testing
Our professionals at Arivani Technologies check that any application's functionality is operating in line with the business logic and coding specification during the testing phase. The components can be independently tested  to provide the seamless experience to the users and the clients.
Expert React JS Developers
Our developers leverage React JS to develop large-scale web apps to handle data updates without the need of reloading pages. The focus of our React JS developers is to develop applications that have good speed, are simple, and are highly scalable. Developers use declarative views to make code easy to read and debug.