Summer holidays for the technical students are best for acquiring the knowledge of language in which they want their future. There are a gamut of summer training, PHP training, Dotnet and other language courses but all have same concept of teaching. Arivani is the top training company in Lucknow and provides you best PHP , Dotnet and other courses in Lucknow. We do not believe in the concept of teaching based on memorization of the concepts. If you understand something then you need not to mug up and yes same is the case in language courses as well.

Why to use a certain code, why not the other method or is there any other method to achieve the same output, if yes, then what is the difference between the two? What are the jargons of the language and how to master them? What is the purpose and benefits of the language? These are some of the questions which must pop up in the mind of a student and must be answered accurately by the teacher. If you clear out the basics, it is easy to master the language.

In Our efforts to deliver quality & career led education, we put more emphasis on determining one to one contact and also be very much attentive to vital needs of each student.


Not Just a great place to work
A Place to do Great Work

Industrial Oriented Courses Curriculum & environment

Top 20 Trainees will be placed in Arivani or other IT Companies with our references

Best Classrooms inputs from Certified Trainers.

Each and every participant will get Summer Training Certificate after successful completion of the training program.


To groom the candidate technically by working on live projects.

To effectively mentor the candidate for taking challenges and resolving them successfully within a project.